Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sobriety Jewelry

Sobriety Jewelry

This sterling silver sobriety jewelry consists of sterling silver word charms.These word charms are engraved on both sides with inspiring words. Matching these word charms together can create a powerful message, This is what sobriety jewelry is made of. To make your own custom sobriety necklace click on word charms.

Recovery jewelry needs to speak to those in need of recovery. For many, they seek out a higher power and there are many recovery jewelry pieces that do just that.


Whether you call it recovery jewelry AA jewelry or recovery jewelry it needs to inspire the wearer and be  a constant visual reminder of the hard fought battle to get clean. These types of AA jewelry work well with most programs designed to help substance abusers.

AA jewelry is the same thing as Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry. These necklaces help all programs so that after the meeting  are over there is something to remind the person going sober what they need to work on.

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